These two have transitioned from babies to kids over night!  I mean really, they are three years old! They make decisions, have opinions and tell their own jokes!  Funny ones, too! I guess they have caught on to my own side remarks and sarcasm, it looks like I need to dial that down a bit!  And the sass, goodness!  They have a retort for almost any request!  I don’t even ask them questions any more, bedtime!  Potty Time!  Dinner time!  I used to ask, Whose ready for dinner?! because I knew I would get a resounding cheer of excitement and immediate running to the kitchen. Now, they just say, “no, my/I fine!”

This stage has definitely been the most exhausting – they are getting into everything again. They open cabinet and closet doors, pull out clothes, buttons, shoes, etc.  Ahem, get in the bath together with a strange array of toys and dump mommy’s bath soap all over each other (that didn’t happen in real life. yes it did.) They turn all the lights on and off. Pull all the toilet paper off the roll and flush it! They turn on the tub and the sink and they come out soaking wet or whatever toys/books/findings around the house they decided to bathe!  Tenley is obsessed with washing her hands and requests to do it at least 10 times a day. This is all in 10 seconds, they aren’t left alone that long!

They have become so independent!  Caden always wants to climb into the car by himself, “No, my do it! my climb up. my too heavy!”  They each want to put on their own clothes and their own shoes.  They have gotten pretty accurate at putting the right shoes on the correct feet. Their pants or underwear are often backwards even though they know and reiterate, “tag in the back!”

They are maturing at lightning speed and I often find myself just staring at them! With the tough times comes a new level of joy and fun!  Twin talk is almost completely gone, filled with loud sentences, lots of singing, constant talking, random counting, and shouting over each other!  Their speech definitely has more structure and I can understand about 90% of what they say to us!  It’s a lot less guessing and more answering their c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t questions or comments!   Mommy! Mommy!  MOMMY!  Mommy, hear me?! Look [at] me! Listen [to] me! We also entered into the Why? Phase!  Two months in and I already find myself thinking “because I said so!” even though I vowed I wouldn’t. I haven’t caved yet.

The emotional pendulum of toddler mood wings is very very wide!  Their world is either crumbling down on top of them or they are running wild with screeches of delight! Both ends of the spectrum can and have been met within 2 minutes of each other!  They test my patience daily and I have even impressed myself with how much I can take and how much I can tune out!  I try so hard to keep a clear head and calm voice. Just the other day we were driving and Michael asked me if I heard Caden. I replied no after quickly snapping back into current time. Apparently he had said Mommy 4-5 times and I missed all of them!  It can get very loud in the car and I am very good at tuning them out, especially if I am driving!
IMG_20151127_170843475They love each other! I mean LOVE each other. They constantly want to know where the other one is. Tenley – “where’s bud?” or sometimes “you seen Canen?” “Seen brother?”  Caden – “Teney!!” he just shouts for her and he has started calling her baby (I call him Bud and her Baby or sweetheart). Their empathy for each other is overwhelming and usually only extended toward one another. If I pretend to cry – they laugh at me. If one of them cries the other runs over to make sure they are okay. “You k, Teney?” “You okay! You fine!” he reassures her.  Tenley offers to kiss Caden’s boo boos, “kiss?” and follows it up with “all better?”  They constantly hug and hold hands.  But just as they are close, they can be frenemies!  It will go from loving each other to hitting, pushing and screaming and back to laughing and rolling around on the ground!

IMG_20151107_092110327CADEN REESE
Weight – 29lbs
Height- 34.5″
Clothing – Rocks a lot of 18 mo stuff still and 2T pants, usually. 3T is a no go. Size 7 shoes.
– Speech is great, he can communicate almost anything now! Stutters less and less
– Can count to 20, 9 out of 10 times.  Counts anything, all the time! Sounds like his mama!
– Can correctly name all colors.
– Can pick out and name shapes, even in real life. “Mommy that’s circle!”
– Loves saying the alphabet, but can’t get through it by himself
– Has started singing songs and says movie lines before they happen!
– Loves movies and will almost sit through an entire movie. He always wants to watch Frozen, Toy Story or Baymax (Big Hero 6).
– Loves puzzles and is really good at them. Has some 12 pieces, real, puzzles that he can do with some guidance.  Rocks and completes any and all of the puzzle pieces (matching photo) puzzles.
– Still very, very emotional. He whines a.l.o.t!  A lot, a lot!  We are working on that! He cries whenever he doesn’t get his way. He cries a lot! We are working on that, also! haha.
– He loves sleeping and the paci is gone!
– Will sing along with Frozen or say the line that is coming up before it is even said!

IMG_20151227_171929191TENLEY JANICE
Weight – 29.2 lbs
Height- 36.5″
Clothing – Wears 2T and recently just transitioned to some 3T stuff! Size 7 shoes.
– Speech is great, but sometimes so soft spoken that we have to constantly as her to speak up.
– Won’t even try to count or say alphabet with us. We aren’t pushing it. She refused to talk for a while and then just started talking in (toddler) full sentences. She’ll come around when she feels like it.
– So loving toward all her babies and stuffed animals. Loves feeding them and constantly puts them down for naps. Apparently that’s all we do with them is put them to bed or that’s at least what she takes out of each day.
– Likes movies, but will actually say no, “I want to play.”
– Loves going to daycare and playing with her friends. Will list them all off for me, at least once a week.
– Very bossy! Constantly tells me “Canen go to his room. he’s still crying.” “I not crying. I big girl.” “Canen, no hit, not nice!”
ex. I asked Michael, “Will you please empty the dishwasher?” He replied, “no, in a minute.” Tenley piped up and said, “no say no! You empty dishwasher!”  Wow, my catchphrase is “you are not the mommy, I am and you do not make the rules. You do not tell daddy what to do!”
– Also a tattle tail, always lets us know when Caden hits her, scratches her, throws her toys (used to be paci – constantly), etc.
– Doesn’t like the dark and usually opens her door for “light to come in.”
– Constantly corrects me. “That not grandpa, that great grandpa!”
– Always asks about stuff, “this a cookie or no?” “we going to target or no?”  Turns out, I say “or no” a lot!
– So rarely does she cry that when she does I crumble and can’t stand my ground. It breaks my heart! She cries maybe once a week, maybe!
– Loves helping mommy cook! And will sit at the kitchen counter and watch whatever I am doing.

I think the kids had a great birthday!  Michael and I took off to spend the day with them. We started off at the doctor’s office for at their annual check up. No shots so I didn’t think it would be that bad. Like always, Caden was all for talking to the doctor, answering questions and letting him check his ears and eyes. Poor Tenley was held against her will and then was given her flu shot!  But she survived and has a my little pony bandaid to prove it!

After the appt we headed to dunkin donuts, per their request, for breakfast. These kids minds are like traps, they have been here one time before and this is maybe their 4th time to have donuts, lol.  They went right up to the same table we ate at just a few weeks ago.



At 10 we met their twin BFFs, Aubrey and Lily, at Mount Playmore for some fun and pizza! Thanks Tim for bringing them (we missed you Kelly)!!  Mine were a little hesitant and would only go in if Michael and I were in there with them. Tenley and I went down a few slides, but she was always tentative. They preferred playing in the kiddie area and on the rides, that we wouldn’t pay for – ha! We had pizza for lunch and headed back for naps!

My parents came over for dinner, presents and cake that evening! Katie, Anthony and Cole stayed home with a bug! =(  I asked the kids what they wanted for dinner, they could have anything and I listed a few items as suggestions. Tenley – ” A hot dog with applesauce. it’s my favorite!” and Caden chimed in with some “mac and cheese!”  Okay, hot dogs it is!  We finished the evening with delicious Hot Chocolate cupcakes from Target! They were so yummy! I was very impressed! Tenley played with her new baby doll, Caden played with his new dump trucks and then they got to stay up until 8pm and watch Cars because well, it was their Birthday!  =) We had a great day!


First Dentist Appt

Caden and Tenley had their first dentist appointment today! I have been talking about it for a week and then just yesterday we watched a Barney episode about going to the dentist to prepare them. Tenley was so excited, “I going to smile her and show her my teeth. My not cry!”  Caden couldn’t wait either, but wasn’t very specific. He just kept asking when we were going!

The day was finally here and that’s all they talked about during breakfast! Michael had a meeting so I took them up to Round Rock to visit Dr. Bookmyer. Their office was amazing! I can’t say enough nice things of how they handled the kids, they played with them and the front ladies gave them hugs on the way in and on the way out!  While I was filling out forms the kids were playing with the video games.
When we were called back Caden went right to his hygienist who was so warm and so sweet. She asked him to pick a tooth brush and tooth paste, which he gladly did. He hopped up on the chair, laid back to watch some sesame street with sunglasses and head phones and he was set. He let her brush, clean, scrape and floss his teeth. Rock star! I am so proud of him! Dr. Bookmyer was great with him and he scored a 5 on his teeth health, 30 being the worst! So he is in the excellent category!  The paci is definitely affecting the shape of his teeth, but she didn’t seem too concerned. The sooner we get rid of it the better and since he’s so young she’s hopeful without the paci his teeth will move down on their own.
Tenley was okay picking out a tooth brush and she sat on the chair and picked out her tooth paste and that’s where her cooperation ended. She no longer wanted to sit on the chair, she wouldn’t let her hygienist look at her.  She refused to hold the mirror or let her count teeth, she had no interest. And she was so nice about it and showed her the toys they get if they allow her to count her teeth. She picked the bracelet she wanted and later played with blocks while the Dr looked over Caden. In the end, poor girl, was held down while Dr. Bookmeyer peaked in to see her teeth through wide-mouthed sobs!  She said everything looks fine and that she has a tiny mouth (yes, we’ve been told that). Bless her heart she has my mouth! No score for her since they didn’t get to do much!
Lastly they told the kids there was a special cabinet that held big kid toys. If they add their pacis to the Paci Jar they can pick out any toy! They both agreed and said they wanted to do this!  That might be the way we get rid of them. We will never be able to just cold turkey get rid of them, they ask about them constantly.  If they notice it breaking (because I secretly cut it) or they put it in the jar I think they are more likely to understand. IMG_20160106_094353231
On our way out they got to choose some stickers and give everyone hugs! Tenley perked up immediately once she realized her visit was over! Our next appointment is in July, we’ll see what happens next time around! Here is a pic of them proudly showing me their “treasures” they got inside for being good! Overall I was very impressed – such big kids! Annual check up next week!IMG_20160106_095231148


I always thought being a kid at Christmas was the best. It turns out, being a parent and watching my children experience Christmas is the ABSOLUTE BEST!  ❤
I always feel like Christmas is a magical time of the year. Usually it’s cooler, even if it’s not quite cold, but there is hot cocoa with marshmallows anyone. Christmas Lights. Christmas decorations. Christmas trees. Uh..Santa!  Family in town. My list could go on and on and watching Caden and Tenley experience that this year, through innocent eyes, was amazing. They loved the lights and we went on many walks looking for them. They loved Santa and would point him out of they saw him, couldn’t wait to visit him and if they heard a song about Santa they would talk about it. So, I couldn’t wait until Christmas Eve and Christmas day with family.

Christmas Eve morning was spent at the Braudrick house where they host an annual Christmas Eve breakfast. I love spending some part of the holiday with friends and allowing all the parents to visit and  kids to play. The only pic I have is of me reading to the kids by request (thanks Michael for sneaking this photo in, lol)!  Immediately after the party we went to my parent’s house to celebrate. Church was at 5. Hors d’oeurves were after church for dinner. The kids were tired and hungry and didn’t feel like pictures, so we got another one on Christmas day.  Michael and I took the kids home and set up the house for Santa’s visit. We brought out the bikes we bought them, that have been hiding in the guest bath tub, and the two puzzles Santa brought them. Their other presents, a book each, were already under the tree.  It was late and the kids didn’t leave cookies out, but Michael left crumbs and finished milk out for them.

Christmas morning Michael and I got up with the kids to enjoy our small Christmas morning, just the 4 of us before we headed to my parent’s house.  The kids tried out their bikes a little bit and played with their new puzzles. Controlled fun guys, controlled fun! Caden totally figured out the puzzles and was doing great! Originally we were spending Christmas day with Michael’s family, but they moved it around a bit and we saw them on Sunday.  Zachry had so much fun playing with the paper scraps! Aggie was playing with her new bone!


Playing with the kids bikes at my parent’s house.  I enjoyed it too while they chased me!

We opened presents and stockings after breakfast! We are so thankful for all the wonderfully thought out presents for the kids and for us!! So thankful for our family, everyone got spoiled!

Sunday morning we went to the Trojaceks with the Dickeys and had our own little neighbor Christmas breakfast!   Our neighbor dinner has evolved quite a bit since 2009!  We had so much fun exchanging gifts and playing! I love these families!

Right after that we finally got to spend Christmas with Michael’s family! Michael and I played spades with his parents while the kids napped and our plan was to play monopoly, but never got around to it. It was so nice to see everyone, both of his brothers were there and weren’t working so I was excited for the kids to play with their Uncles.  Cameron and Michael spent a good amount of time trying to get Caden’s Hot Wheel track to work!  Turns out you have to mount it to a wall, so we never got to test it out. Tenley loved her new twin babies and consistently babied them! We ended up having to rush out after remembering Aggie had been home for 12 hours.

IMG_20151227_171929191Merry Christmas to everyone!  We had a wonderful time with family and friends!  Christmas 2015 was the best one yet!

big kid beds

We moved into our new house in October and at the time we decided we weren’t moving the cribs. Caden and Tenley will move directly into big beds. I was actually really worried with all the changes of moving, leaving my parents’ house, having two new rooms and then being in a bed, rather than a crib. As always worrying got me no where and they totally rocked it. The first night they both went down they were out within minutes and slept all night.  There were a few days when Tenley got up every couple of minutes to go potty, but after she got the hang of just going and not announcing it to us, she’s been great! This has actually really helped her with potty training since it allows her to get up whenever she needs to go. We are a month in and Caden has yet to get out of his bed once! Rockstars!

Caden is sleeping in a new bunk bed we bought him. The top bunk is for when Tenley gets kicked out of her room because her queen bed will be the guest room if someone is crazy enough to visits. At the moment the ladder is not attached, still packaged in his closet because the last thing I want is them climbing on that or accidentally falling off the top bunk.   20151027_23161020151027_231522

They love their new rooms and show everyone that comes over! Caden loves his airplanes and we are hoping to finish Tenley’s gold and pink room soon!  Aye aye, time has just slipped away and we haven’t done much with hers!

Pictures with Santa

I have taken the kids every year to see Santa at the Domain and this year was no different. Of course, they didn’t know who he was last year, but they seem to have an idea of him this year.  Tenley came home one day asking when she was going to sit on Santa’s lap, so I knew someone brought it up (at school most likely) recently. Then she added “I not cry this year,” which leads me to really wonder if she remembers sitting on his lap last year! I’ve always wondered how far back they remember!

Between the two of them I have heard about Santa every day for the last week and through Thanksgiving, but their excitement was so contagious that my parents, Michael and I took them Saturday morning!  They were so ready and were bouncing off the walls!  Santa was talking to them and gave them each a high five! Caden was a bit skeptical at first, but when Tenley went right around him and gave Santa a high-five, I knew Caden would come around! Tenley was talking about “high fiving santa!” all day! This picture is already framed and in our living room!

Just for fun, I asked Tenley what she planned on asking Santa for and after thinking for a bit she responded, “oatmeal.” Very final, very positive that’s what she wanted.  Caden then chimed in “with strawberries!!”  Tenley corrects her answer, “yes, with strawberries!”  I asked Caden what he wants and he said, “puzzles please!” There you have it, a bowl of oatmeal with strawberries and some puzzles in their new Santa Bags!

Welcoming Christmas

I’ve seen on pinterest and blogs about Christmas Eve traditions of getting Christmas pajamas and watching a movie with the kids.  We already have a pretty good thing going on Christmas Eve of going to church and then coming home to hors d’oeuvres before watching a movie after all the kids are put to bed, but I really liked the idea. I also really wanted them to enjoy the pajamas for the entire month so, Michael and I discussed doing it the Friday after Thanksgiving, so our new tradition begins.  It was amazing and I can’t wait to do this every year.

After Caden and Tenley woke up for their naps, we headed to Home Depot to pick up our fake, ordered online, Christmas tree.  We had high hopes of going to the Christmas Tree farm in Elgin with Katie & Anthony, but with the weather decided a fake tree was the way to go this year. We pulled into HD and I saw their Christmas Tree tent and thought it couldn’t hurt to just look. The kids were running wild and playing in and out of trees! Fifteen minutes later we picked out our real tree and returned our fake one!  We got it just in time because it started raining on the way home! If this was a hallmark movie it would have started snowing!

After dinner we got the kids dressed in their brand new Christmas pajamas that they just loved. Next year I will actually wrap these, but they only arrived via UPS that day (1 minutes prior to the kids putting them on).  They both love getting new clothes! They were thrilled and way too excited to sit for a silly picture!  So we snuggled on the couch, all covered up to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas!  Tenley ended up on my lap because she was scared of the Grinch. They both looked so sad when the Grinch was tying the branch to the dog’s head, but she warmed up to him when he brought back all the Christmas goodies!  Nothing like a new Christmas tree, some festive pajamas and a Christmas movie to ring in the Christmas season!  Watching them enjoy everything is so magical and I swear it’s more fun to watch them experience it, than it was to live it as a kid!  IMG_20151127_185009675
Saturday during the kid’s nap we trimmed the tree and started decorating the house and tree.  When they got up they helped us add a few more ornaments . They loved seeing all of their ornaments and enjoyed looking at their hand prints from both last year and the year before!  Tenley exclaimed, “I such a big girl now!”  Yes, sweetie, you really are! It’s amazing how many things make me tear up these days! These littles are just getting so big, so fast! Here is our tree all decorated with all of our presents underneath!


I have been looking forward to having a long weekend off with the kids for awhile, so we started day one with the Falcon Point Turkey Trot 5K. Our neighborhood does such fun events and activities to get the residents involved and some humid rainy weather wasn’t going to stop our fun!  We met the Kyles and began our 5K, unfortunately Michael left in the middle of it to try and catch a black friday deal and after 3/4 of the 5K I couldn’t push the kids anymore, so I cut out early! Next year I should be able to walk a full 5K – hopefully! Thanks Tim & Kelly for bringing back our car! =)
After showers and getting ready we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and headed to my parent’s house to finish the parade and spend time with the family!  The kids loved all the floats and the singing!IMG_20151126_121420
We spent the rest of the day relaxing! The kids took a nap at my parent’s house which left open a perfect time period for me to go upstairs and nap myself!  Once everyone was up from their naps we had dinner around 4 and then pie a bit later! Tenley of course ate most of her dinner and we had to convince Caden to try each item so he could have pie!
I got to hold my little baby nephew while he slept for an hour!
>>In Heaven<<