Trip to Florida – 2016

Caden and Tenley have been so excited to go to Florida! Caden has done nothing but talk about going on a plane and Tenley really wants to go to the zoo and see Giraffes. The love this girl harbors for Giraffes is equal to my Panda love! She wants to bring her giraffe (used to be wubbanub) to show the giraffes. We’ll see!

We left Friday afternoon for Naples!  There is always so much stuff with our bags, kids’ bags and carseats! I will be so happy the first trip we get to make without lugging around the kids carseats!  Caden and Tenley are pretty much pros when traveling now and tend me really good listeners when we are out and around large crowds. They hung close and kept their own backpacks and just looked out the windows for planes. On the plane they watched a movie the entire time and were perfect for maybe 15 minutes before they were done. They went through every single toy and snack we brought! haha! The new headphones were only cool for a hot second.
Saturday we got up early and go to the children’s museum right before it opened.  They really enjoyed the shopping, like they did last year, but we actually spent the majority of our time outside at a water table getting soaking wet! There was also a turfed open play yard where they were rolling balls, playing with hula hoops and running around. They went from having fun to breaking down and crying! We actually took them into Chick-Fil-A crying for lunch knowing they needed to eat before they crashed for their nap!

Sunday we headed to the beach early to get there before the sun was up and hot. We headed to the same beach we’ve always gone to and hung out in the shade of a large hotel. The kids had so much fun! As long as they were holding someone’s hand they were in the water, but otherwise were perfectly content collecting shells land playing in the sand. I think we were there for about an hour before both decided they were hungry and wanted to go home. That afternoon after nap, they put their swimsuits back on and they played in a sprinkler and in the pool for hours!! Such water babies!

Monday we got up and headed to the zoo! It was a HOT day. The kids were so hot and tired! It was miserable! We tried to make the best of it with cold drinks and staying in the shade, watching shows and trying not to move too much! We walked around and saw all the animals, as well as fed the giraffes! That was definitely the highlight for me and Tenley! They had such fun feeding them and Tenley already said she can’t wait to do that next year! We did the monkey cruise around the islands, which was a lot of fun! The kids were starting to get really tired after the cruise, so we headed to an animal show and they left for the day! After the zoo we went out for lunch and ice cream!


We had to leave bright and early Tuesday morning to catch our flight! I am not sure why I keep booking really early flights out of Ft. Lauderdale!



Atlassian Friends & Family Day

Every year Atlassian rents out Austin Park & Pizza for all employees their families and friends. This year we brought the Kyles hoping the four littles would have fun getting their faces painted, talking to the characters and riding all the rides.  Both of mine did, lol!  Caden and Tenley were all but stalking Anna & Elsa, and then Tenley would be shy when we finally found them! Caden really liked Elmo, the 3 girls did NOT! Both kids loved getting their faces painted and just jumped up there and chose their design, the colors they wanted and then thanked the lady!  After pizza and playing and riding a few games we headed home for naps – ours were OUT before leaving the parking lot.


Later that day we went and hung out with Aunt Katie and baby Cole!

First Movie – Zootopia

We took the kids to their first theater movie!  They didn’t start watching movies until about 3, so they hadn’t learned the attention span of sitting through an entire one.  We decided now was a fun time, on a cool rainy day and went to see Zootopia with the Kyles.  They did great!  Tenley climbed into my lap, antsy, with about 20 minutes left of the movie, but Caden sat there and watched the entire thing.  They seemed to enjoy eating french toast sticks for breakfast while watching the movie.  Hopefully next time we’ll have popcorn! 😉



Every year gets more fun with the magic of holiday with Caden & Tenley. Easter is always a good one because they just enjoy hunting for the eggs so much.

We started off easter with a rather chilly morning at our neighborhood easter egg hunt with my parents.  The kids were the youngest in their group so they were all but trampled. Each kid was supposed to leave with 20 eggs (because we each made and brought 20 eggs per kid); I think Tenley left with 3 and Caden had 7.  There was a petting zoo, face painting, inflatable jump house, horse riding (our had zero interest) and an easter bunny that they also wanted nothing to do with. They loved the petting zoo and were all about it since the Kyles’ just had a petting zoo Aubrey & Lily’s birthday party in January. Caden wanted his face painted, but Tenley chose not to. There were a lot of people she was a bit overwhelmed!

We then got to celebrate and have another easter egg hunt at the kids’ preschool, hosted by Ms. Leslie! She never fails to disappoint! The kids stuffed the eggs earlier in the day and the parents hid them in Leslie’s backyard for the hunt. This was much more low-key and the kids really got into the groove of running around and picking up eggs.

The third egg hunt was at Aunt Katie & Uncle Anthony’s house easter morning! They hosted both families for a fun egg hunt and delicious breakfast!  They did a great job hiding them in both the front and back yards! The older boys were so sweet and waited for the younger kids to get eggs!

The fourth and final event was dinner at our house!  While the kids napped Katie, Mom and I baked the rabbit cake and hid all the easter eggs so when the kids awoke from their nap we could decorate our cake and hunt more eggs!

Valentine’s Day.2016

We have quite the set of traditions going for Valentine’s Day.  We have heart shaped bagels at Katie’s house for breakfast from Einstein’s, heart shaped pizza for dinner and then we top it off with cherries in the snow for dessert!  My mom has been making that for as long as I can remember and we always have it on v-day! It was a fun day full of fun, pink and red! IMG_2659

Caden & Tenley’s 3rd Birthday Party

I asked the kids what they wanted to do for their birthday party and for some reason they wanted a “donut party!”  I was trying to think of another theme when I realized I could actually throw them a donut party! Enter – dunkin donuts!  We got orange and pink everything: plates, napkins, balloons and their birthday candles! They loved it!

I didn’t take very many photos and I am so disappointed that we didn’t get a good family picture with the kids. They weren’t in the best of moods when the party started and then were asleep before all the guests had left at the end.



twin moms twinning at a twin party